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Courtney Odelein

Courtney began dancing at the age of three in her hometown of Quill Lake, Saskatchewan.  Studying under RAD, ADAPT, CDTA, and NHDA, Miss Odelein in now a certified instructor with  ADAPT (Tap and Jazz) , ADTA, an ADTA Mentor Teacher and Guest Panelist, ADTA Professional  Adjudicator, Acrobatic Arts M1 & M2, Professional Adjudicator’s Alliance, Master Teacher and  contributor of former Army of Sass’ Heels Syllabus, and Alixa Flexibility M1 & M2. With well  over 10 years of teaching experience and over 12 years working as a professional dancer, her  range of knowledge is very broad across all styles of dance from ballet to heels and everything  in between!  

A few of her guest teaching and choreography credits include; Dark Dance Company, Broadway  Bound International, Fayez1 Productions, The Toronto Rock Cheerleaders, Peller Estates,  Canadian Indie Week, Wayne Gretzky Events, Toronto Pride, AOSFest and TEADA International  Cuban Dance Festival. She is a guest teacher at the esteemed Underground Dance Centre in  Toronto, ON.  

You can see you her in videos with artists like; V Sevani, Wanting Q, Ain’t No Love, rIVerse and  Elyse Saunders just to name a few. Courtney has appeared in many live productions such as;  Toronto Pride, Canadian Indie Week, Duality, Wayne Gretzky Events, Canada Summer Games  and many more. Her TV credits include; Canada Summer Games, Extra, TSN, Coors Light,  Marilyn Dennis, CP24, CTV, CBC, and CMT (Canada, American and Australia). She was the  former director of Army of Sass – Toronto. These programs were centred around building  confidence, self-love and community. With over 250 dancers joining this program every 10  weeks, it was the largest adult dance program in Canada. Miss Odelein has also produced and  choreographed many sold out shows in Toronto.  

Courtney has travelled all across North America throughout her teaching, choreography, and  performing career and most recently, her work has been seen on tv in Australia for her  choreography and performance in the music video “Genes” with artist Elyse Saunders. With a  strong knowledge of dance history, and a teaching style with an emphasis of encouragement  and empowerment, she wants to make sure people feel her love of dance in every class,  rehearsal and show. With the creation of her adult dance program, EMDance Program, she  wants to give EVERYONE the opportunity to grow, celebrate and let it be known dance is for  EVERYBODY.  

Courtney has extensive experience in the professional dance industry, has completed many  teaching certifications and years of experience teaching children to adults, absolute beginner to  professional level dancers, she is excited to be back in Saskatchewan sharing her experiences  and knowledge. 

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