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Modern (Invite Only)



Modern dance gains it's roots from the rejection of ballet technique and has grown into its own dance form. Modern dance focuses on expression and free form fluidity. Movements are often inspired from Folk Dance and or Ballet. Modern choreography highlights abstract shapes and flowing motions on stage. 


*This class is invite only, as dancers must be at a certain standard of technical ability and maturity. The La Danse Directors and the Choreographer are responsible for selecting the dancers each year. 

Dress Code

  1. Leotard and tights or fitted shorts/ pants and top

  2. Bare feet

  3. Hair in a bun or ponytail

No jewelry or watches allowed as it is dangerous to the dancers. Please recognize that the dancers are exerting themselves physically. We recommend the dancers have deodorant available in their dance bags at all times. Good grooming is important as it does reflect on the child’s ability to dance. Also, please label dancewear, costumes, outerwear, and boots. We do have a lost and found in the dancers’ lounge that is donated to goodwill at the end of June.


*Adaptations to the dress code may be made to help a dancer as required. Please contact the studio with questions or concerns.

Dress Code
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