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Tots Sessions (ages 2-3)

2 & 3 Year Old Tots (Parented)

Introduce your little one to dance, with you by their side! 


This sessional class is designed to introduce children to dance. We provide a welcoming and creative parent and tot class lead by our Artistic Director Mrs. Menon. The class is primarily ballet based, but also includes creative movement, music and dramatic activities as well. 

3 Year Old Tots (Independent)

This sessional class is a great way to activate your dancers creativity and imagination. The class is taught by our Artistic Director, Shannon Menon. She weaves together ballet technique story telling and creative dance for this fun independent class. The session will have a theme and all movement explorations will integrate into the story. Each class is tailored to the dancers in the class, to challenge each dancer were they are at, and support them in their love of movement and dance! 

2024/2025 Sessions

  • 2/3 year old parented, 5 week sessions

    • Saturdays 10:00am - 10:40am

    • Session 1: Sept 7th - Oct 5th

    • Session 2: Mar 1st - Mar 29th

    • Session 3: May 3rd - June 7th (no class May 17th)

    • Cost per session: $75.00

  • 3 year old Tots Session 1, 12 week session

    • Wednesday 4:45pm - 5:15pm

    • Sept 4th - November 27th

    • Cost: $180.00

  • 3 year old Tots Session 2, 10 week session

    • Wednesday 4:45pm - 5:15pm

    • Jan 8th - Mar 19th (no class Feb 19th)

    • Cost: $150.00

  • 3 year old Tots Session 3, 6 week session

    • Wednesday 4:45pm - 5:15pm

    • May 7th - June 11th 

    • Cost: $90.00

Dress Code


  1. White or pink tights

  2. Any colour leotard (bodysuit)

  3. Pleated toe pink slippers with elastic sewn on (BLOCH #205 full sole)

  4. Hair off the face, in a bun or ponytail


  1. Snug fitting t-shirt

  2. Shorts or Jazz Pants

  3. Black pleated slippers

  4. Hair off the face, in a bun or ponytail


  1. Please come in movement safe clothes

  2. Please wear clean indoor footwear (No outside shoes)

  3. You are welcome to come in dance attire or casual wear

No jewelry or watches allowed as it is dangerous to the dancers. Please recognize that the dancers are exerting themselves physically. We recommend the dancers have deodorant available in their dance bags at all times. Good grooming is important as it does reflect on the child’s ability to dance. Also, please label dancewear, costumes, outerwear, and boots. We do have a lost and found in the dancers’ lounge that is donated to goodwill at the end of June.


*Adaptations to the dress code may be made to help a dancer as required. Please contact the studio with questions or concerns.

Dress Code
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