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Newsletter - August 1st, 2023

Hello dancers and families! 


We have continued to be busy planning and thinking about our 2023/2024 dance season. We wanted to update you on a couple things, as we know giving you as much heads up as possible is vital in planning your busy lives. 


Ballet Program 

The ballet teachers have been meeting and would like to try something new this year. All Vocational level Ballet and Pointe Dances will be choreographed by all three dance teachers. We are lucky to have three amazing, qualified teachers who love ballet and are passionate about the art of choreography. Therefore, we would like to give our dancers the opportunity to be a part of the creative process with all three teachers in the room. This means dancers experience how choreography is created, set, and adapted - all aspects which are valuable dance lessons. To achieve this goal, we will be having extra choreography time for groups on the weekends/holidays. It is extremely important that dancers attend so that the full picture can be explored by the dancers and choreographers. Dancers will continue to work on the group dances in regular class time, but by having these weekend choreography sessions, it will allow the three teachers to spend more time on technical and foundational exercises, which is really exciting! 


If your dancer is in a beginner level of ballet or grade 1/2/3 the teachers will still be working together, but the dance will be set and taught during regular class time. 


Below are the scheduled choreography times for vocational ballet dances. The dates will be November 12/13 & November 25/26.


Sunday November 12th 

9:00am-11:30am Inter Fd Ballet

12:00pm-2:30pm Senior Ballet

3:00pm-5:30pm Senior Pointe

Monday November 13th 

9:00am-11:30am Intermediate Ballet

12:00pm-2:30pm Intermediate Pointe

3:00pm-5:30pm Inter Fd Ballet


Saturday November 25th

12:00pm-2:30pm Intermediate Pointe 

3:00pm-5:30pm Senior Pointe


Sunday November 26th

9:00am-11:30am Senior Ballet

12:00pm-2:30pm Intermediate Ballet 

Allegro Classes

This year we are offering free allegro classes to our older dancers. We believe that our dancers are capable and want to give them every opportunity to grow. We also know that allegro is one of the challenging areas in ballet and we wish to focus on this aspect in our 2023/2024 season. Mrs. Stark will be teaching weekly allegro classes full of great build up exercises, combinations, and fun steps. The class will include foot strengthening exercises, petit allegro, medium allegro, and grand allegro combos. Students will be able to become familiar with more ballet steps, increase strength, and have time to practice new steps in different combinations and to different musical arrangements. This develops not only a strong technical dancer, but one that is receptive to music and confident in their movements and artistry. 


While this class is free (and optional), we hope dancers and families understand the benefits of the class. This class is not only for those who wish to take their ballet exam; it is meant to get everyone jumping and moving together. It is not based on any syllabus, but will focus on what is best for the dancers and help them to grow. 


Tap Program 

We have been busy continuing to plan Competition and Grade Tap! In discussion with Ms. Myers we wanted to let everyone know we are planning to have Tap Exams in early March 2024. She feels this is the preferred timing to give dancers enough time to practice and prepare. Remember that after exams, dancers start to prepare for the next level. April- June is spent developing the skills, strength, and rhythms for the next exam. 


We also want to thank Ms. Myers for teaching all the tap exam classes this year; she is a wonderful teacher with years of invaluable experience. Miss Alora and Miss Kaitlyn are both starting their accreditation process through the CDTA, so they will be assisting Ms. Myers’ Grade 3 tap class on Wednesday nights to continue to learn and grow as teachers. Ms. Myers is the head of our Exam Tap program and responsible for entering our dancers into their exams, but expect to see the other two teachers around as well! 


Jazz Program 

This year we have two aspects for our Jazz Program: technique/choreography and stretch/strength. We will have our weekly jazz classes where dancers will learn jazz technique and jumps and turns. Eventually, this class will learn choreography for either recital or competition. In addition, we are introducing a strength and stretch class. All jazz dancers in Jr Jazz Level 3 and up will be required to participate in stretch and strength classes. 


These classes will focus on enhancing flexibility and developing strength in targeted areas to improve jumps, skills, and turns.  Competitive dancers that are not in jazz are welcome to register for these classes if they wish. 


There are three stretch and strength classes throughout the week. Dancers have been placed based on their jazz level, but if you can not attend their assigned class time, please email the studio and we can figure out one that works better! Miss Logan has been researching dancer conditioning and, in collaboration with Mrs. Menon, is developing class plans that will help condition our dancers to stay strong and healthy throughout the year. Our goal is strong, healthy, happy dancers. The goal of this class is to condition the body, but in a fun and inspiring environment. Dancers will work on safe functional mobility, strength exercises, and stretching. They will learn warm up routines that they can use before performances and give them tools to help keep their bodies safe and happy. 

Competition Dates

April 4-7 - Terpsichore (Regina)

April 18-21 - View Dance Challenge (Edmonton)

April 23-28 - The Performer (Saskatoon)

This is our little update for now! Check back in September for an updated parent handbook with more information!

Shannon and Mallory 

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